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And finally start that hobby you've been dreaming about.

Have you ever stood in front of a hive and watched the bees come and go?

Witnessed a baby bee hatch from her cell?

Or tasted honey fresh from the hive?

Beekeeping is an amazing hobby,


Beekeeping is also one of

the hardest hobbies to get into.

  • There's a lot of information to learn leaving you overwhelmed & confused.
  • There's variables like your climate zone & the seasons.
  • Advice online is often conflicting, leaving you more confused.
  • YouTube videos answer 1 question, but leave you with 5 more.

Because it's so easy to go wrong,

I see hives collapse & beekeepers quit after their 2nd year.

What if beekeeping was explained to you in a way that made sense?

We've been teaching people about bees for 6 years.

We created a comprehensive, online beekeeping class so you can learn how to keep bees from home, at your own pace.

Learn the steps to caring for bees, including how to:

Inspect a Hive

so you can spot problems early.

Harvest Raw Honey

that's unique to your yard!

Keep Pests Away

& problem solve with confidence. 

Because no one is born knowing how to keep bees.

You need a template to follow...

...and someone to go to when you have a question.


a Comprehensive, Online Course for Backyard Beekeepers

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What Our Students Are Saying

Over 250 students have enrolled in our classes this year.

John, Texas

Your bee class is amazing!

The hive inspection section is something I desperately needed. I've been able to identify the queen, eggs, larvae and pupae! Just being able to do that will improve my beekeeping drastically."

sandy with her first beehive
Angela, Wisconsin

Informative, relational lessons

"Very informative, relational lessons. I love that I can go back and watch them again and again because it covers pros and cons of multiple recommendations without bias."

Jim & Sandy, Hawaii

We now have 5 hives!

"We loved the classes. We now have five hives and feel comfortable taking care of them. Our bees are doing great. Laryssa makes you feel comfortable and is very knowledgeable. She is quick to answer if you have a question or concern."

Celine, New Hampshire

Highly recommend!

"Excellent! Knowledge of material was thorough and pleasant. Added bonus! Laryssa responds to all questions and is very kind and patient. Highly recommend."


There's nothing quite like it...

What's Inside Beekeeping for Beginners


Bees & the Hive

THE HIVE - Learn about the hive structure, honey & pollination and the products you can harvest from the hive.

THE WORKER BEE - An in-depth look at the worker bee and her role in the hive.

THE QUEEN BEE - How a queen is made, what her role is in the hive and why there's just one.

A DRONE'S LIFE - The male honeybee's role is small, but important to the hive. We'll look at what he does all day and why he isn't around for long.

Get ready to be amazed by bees & how the hive works!

Preparing for the Bees

EQUIPMENT - Keep a Langstroth style hive your first year! I'll explain why and the parts. You'll learn your safety gear options & my recommendations.

THE PERFECT LOCATION - We list the things to look for in a good location and alternative places to keep bees other than your home.

WHAT TO EXPECT - Here's a breakdown of costs and time.

Having the right set up is essential for avoiding issues when your bees arrive.

Beekeeping Basics

INDENTIFYING WHAT'S INSIDE - Learn how to spot the queen, worker and drone. Know the difference between nectar & honey and  the sex of a baby bee before it hatches!

BUYING & INSTALLING BEES - How to buy and install your bees.

INSPECTING A HIVE - We'll inspect 2 hives together. Included is my hive inspection sheet that I use. 

THROUGH THE SEASONS - I explain the tasks a beekeeper does and how they change through the seasons as well as how to spot the changing of seasons no matter where you live.

Inspecting a hive is a skill that will lay the foundation for every other task you will have to do as a beekeeper. 

Pest Management

THE VARROA MITE AND OTHER PESTS - We'll talk about the varroa mite as well as other pests that can be found in the hive and how to spot them.

PREVENTING INFESTATIONS NATURALLY - How to keep varroa mite, small hive beetle and wax moth out of the hive naturally.

GETTING RID OF INFESTATIONS - Learn how to spot an infestation and what to do when there is one. I discuss organic and inorganic options and share what has been successful at our farm. 

How to deal with varroa mites is the #1 most talked about subject among beekeepers. Luckily, the beekeeper has lots of options for ways to get rid of them. 

Show Me the Honey

ALL THOSE LITTLE QUESTIONS - How much honey should you take & how to get bees out of the box? Questions that are rarely addressed, but good to know.

USING AN EXTRACTOR - We'll extract honey using a hand crank extractor.

CRUSH & STRAIN - Learn the cheap & EASY way to harvest using the crush & strain method.

STORING & BOTTLING - Learn how to store your honey so it never goes bad, bottling options and download a cooking with honey conversion chart.

Did I mention I worked for the country's largest organic honey company?

Advanced Beekeeping Strategies

SWARM PREVENTION - Swarming is something the beekeeper must either prevent or do manually. I'll show you how to do both.

QUEEN TROUBLES - Learn how to buy a queen and how to make your.

BUILDING YOUR APIARY - Never buy bees again using these simple steps.

MORE HONEY - Secrets to encouraging your bees to fill up the hive.

PROBLEM SOLVING - What to do about common problems in the hive.

This chapter is all about preventing problems and knowing what to do when there is one.

Overwintering Success

WHAT BEES DO DURING THE WINTER - A fascinating look at how honey bee survive freezing cold temperatures.

OVERWINTERING IN COLD CLIMATES - The strategy to successfully overwinter your hives and one of the top reasons why beekeepers lose hives over Winter.

WARM CLIMATES - Warm climate beekeepers have a different set of problems to deal with!

Many 1st & 2nd year beekeepers lose their hives over the Winter. Don't let your hive be one of them.

Plus! Our unique mentorship program

You won't know how to solve every problem your first year, no matter how many classes you take...

But with an experienced beekeeper to go to for help, getting started won't be so stressful and confusing. 

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Success Stories

Joyce, Hawaii

We enjoyed your class & learned so much

"We enjoyed your Beekeeping classes and learned so much. The class made me feel comfortable and prepared to keep bees. I will recommend your class to others. I can’t wait to purchase some nucs!"

David, Connecticut

Very in depth!

"Was very in depth class and I learned a lot! I really enjoyed how interactive the class was. If you're thinking about beekeeping or want to know more I highly recommend!!"

Marvin, Nevada

Would recommend to any new bee

"The class was well structured and informative. Would recommend to any new bee. Class was helpful in many ways. Thank you!"

Amy, New Mexico

Loved it! I've been a beekeeper for several years...

"Loved it! I've been a bee keeper for several years, but am always looking for more information. This was very informative and helpful!"

Tehani, Hawaii

Not just full of useful information, but fun to take

"I enjoyed the course bc it was not only filled with a lot of useful information, it was enjoyable to take. I enjoyed watching the lessons. Laryssa was funny and sweet, you could tell she was truly genuine in teaching and wants to help you be successful. I also liked that in every chapter she would recommend a book, documentary or movie on beekeeping."

Here's what you get when you join Beekeeping for Beginners:

  • Forever access to the entire course. Start learning immediately from any device.
  • 5 hours of entertaining, instructional video lessons.
  • 8 Chapters that teach you about bees and how to care for your hive through the seasons & over the years.
  • Mentorship.
  • Guides, Checklists & Quizzes - Equipment diagram, Location checklist, Cooking with Honey conversion chart, Planting for Bees guide, Hive Inspection sheet and quizzes.

Enroll today for just $175!

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Sale ends Nov. 3rd.

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Plus 2 free bonuses!

The Ultimate Flow Hive Guide

In this guide I tell you what the Flow company doesn't talk about. Including:

  • A $5 trick so that you can save even more time harvesting. 
  • How to set up a Flow Hive for cold climates & to prevent swarming.
  • Tips and tricks to harvesting.

I also talk about the pros & cons of this hive, without bias or anything to gain, for people considering purchasing it.

Saving the Bees, One Backyard at a Time

None of us are in this for the money. We do this because we love bees! 

Be an ambassador for the bees & create an environment where they can thrive. In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How to plant for bees
  • Alternatives to spraying herbicides
  • Ways to educate others about bees
  • Bee hotels & other ways to help pollinators

Don't want the mentorship?

If you don’t want, or need, mentorship, there's also a basic version of the course.

You still get all 8 chapters of content plus the downloads and guides.

But you won’t get the mentorship, access to our monthly webinars, or access to our private Facebook group.

You can get the basic version of Beekeeping for Beginners for just $135. On sale now for $67.50!

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Go through the course and if you don’t love it in the first 60 days of your purchase, email us ([email protected]) and we’ll issue you a refund immediately. 

Are you ready?

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Normally $135! This class is 50% off until Nov. 3rd.

  • Bees & the Hive
  • Setting Up for Success
  • Beekeeping Basics
  • Pest Management
  • Honey Harvesting
  • Advanced Beekeeping
  • Overwintering
  • Saving the Bees BONUS
  • Flow Hive BONUS
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Full Course + Mentorship


Normally $175! This class is 50% off until Nov. 3rd.

  • Bees & the Hive
  • Setting Up for Success
  • Beekeeping Basics
  • Pest Management
  • Honey Harvesting
  • Advanced Beekeeping
  • Overwintering
  • Saving the Bees BONUS
  • Flow Hive BONUS
  • Mentorship
  • Live Monthly Webinars About Seasonal Topics
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