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langstroth beehive frames and foundation

Beehive Frames and Foundation Explained

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Frames are a simple piece of equipment. They are used in Langstroth style beehives. You hang them inside the box and the bees build honeycomb in them.

In this video I'll explain:

• how to know what size frame you need
• how many frames to put in your box
• a tip for making it easier to get your frames out
• why some beekeepers put fewer frames in their boxes then you're supposed to.

Then, I talk about foundation, the different kinds of foundation, what we use at our farm and the pros and cons to using plastic foundation, wax foundation or no foundation.

At our farm, we are foundationless in most of our hive. I spend a few extra minutes explaining why we chose to do this and what I recommend you do so that the bees build honeycomb in a nice, straight line.

What's most important is that you do what works best for you and your bees, not what I do or any other beekeeper does. So do some tests, try different options out and see what you prefer. There is no one right or wrong answer when it comes to frames and foundation. You won't be causing your hive to collapse no matter what route you choose, so start experimenting!

Want to know why I recommend a Langstroth style hive for beginners? Watch our video here ~


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