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The 7 Steps to Getting Started Keeping Bees.

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  • The parts of the hive
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  • The 7 simple steps to take to becoming a beekeeper

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What's Inside

This is a short guide to help you understand the steps you'll need to take in order to start keeping bees.

worker bee on a purple flower

Flowers to Plant for Bees

Sunflowers, borage, aster, zinnians, herbs, eggplant - there are so many plants bees love.

langstroth beehive in the grass

Equipment Checklist

An illustration of the equipment you'll need to buy and checklist for a Langstroth style beehive.

worker bee stinger with venom drop

Getting Stung

The beekeeper has ways to avoid getting stung and tricks to alleviating the sting.

beekeeper with no veil in hawaii

The Costs Involved

How much time & money should you expect to spend caring for your bees week to week?

worker bee and larvae

Beginner Tips

Included are a bunch of tips I wish someone told me when I was first getting started.

woman with top bar beehive

Buying Bees

Learn how to buy bees, what to ask for and our recommendations for the beginner.

smoker and hive bodies stacked up

Ways to Save Money

Beekeeping can be an expensive hobby, but there are also a lot of ways you can cut costs. 


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