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Our online beekeeping classes are made for the absolute beginner. They'll guide your favorite bee-lover on their journey to keeping bees!

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We teach you all about bees and beekeeping using fun, easy-to-follow videos.

Plus! There's quizzes, downloads, ways to learn about bees with kids and more!.

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Is Beekeeping Right for You? An Introduction to Bees & Beekeeping


This class is perfect for someone who loves bees and wants to learn more and maybe even keep bees one day.
They'll learn:

  • All about honeybees and the hive.
  • How to Get Set Up for Bees.
  • What to expect as a beekeeper.
  • The basics of what the beekeeper does.
  • Flowers to plant for bees.

This class is approximately 2 hours long and includes quizzes, checklists and downloads.


Beekeeping for Beginners


This is our beekeeping bootcamp. It teaches you everything you need to know in order to get started and care for your bees over the years. No prior knowledge about bees or beekeeping needed.
They'll learn:

  • All about honeybees and the hive.
  • How to Get Set Up for Bees.
  • How to take care of your beehive.
  • Common problems & how to solve them.
  • Wintering your bees.
  • Flowers to plant for bees.
  • Honey harvesting.
  • Keeping pests away.
  • Advanced beekeeping techniques.

This class is approximately 6 hours long and includes quizzes, checklists, downloads, and unlimited MENTORSHIP!


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Buy Intro to Beekeeping for $27.
Buy Beekeeping for Beginners for $172.

Over 200 students have enrolled in our class just this year. Here are some reviews.

beekeeping class student with her bees
Vivin C.

Highly recommend!

"Excellent Resource for a beginner! Packed with useful information. Simple and easy to follow. Shows real-life pictures and videos about the subject. Highly recommend."

< One of our students, Sandy, with a frame of honey!

Holly M.

It set me up with a fantastic foundation

"I absolutely loved this course and it's set me up with a fantastic foundation for Bee Keeping which I am now even more excited to do! Thank you so much for imparting your wisdom and for having such a lovely teaching manner!"

Nicholee, UK

I love the information given

"I love the information given so far, it's great and there's lots of it and it's given clearly in a straightforward way. Thank you. The advice given in this course is pretty sound, especially asking seriously, is beekeeping something one should truly consider."

What's Included:

  • Forever access to the entire course. Start learning immediately from any device.
  • Hours of entertaining, instructional video lessons.
  • EVERYTHING you need to know to be a beekeeper.
  • Someone to ask questions along the way.
  • FREE gift card and stickers mailed to you.
  • A digital gift card emailed to you immediately after purchase.
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Buy Intro to Beekeeping
Buy Beekeeping for Beginners

The highest rated beekeeping class on Udemy this year!

Sue M.

Covers everything you would need to know

"Very interesting! The instructor is excellent and covers everything you would need to know to begin beekeeping. The recommended videos and documentaries are also a great addition and we have watched several. As we become more comfortable with our decision to jump into the world of beekeeping we appreciate the invitation to contact the instructor with our questions."

beekeeping for beginners student inspecting her beehive
Jonathan S.

Clear communication

"Lovely videos and clear communication!"

Sue P.

LOVE the spot the queen tips & quiz

"Really good info!!! LOVE the "Spot the Queen" tips, and the quiz for practice."

David, Connecticut

Very in depth!

"Was very in depth class and I learned a lot! I really enjoyed how interactive the class was. If you're thinking about beekeeping or want to know more I highly recommend!!"


Lots of good information and advise

"Course covers all the bases for a beginner. Lots of good information and advice; concise, clear and articulate presentation."

student of beekeeping course honey harvest
Sue P.

A solid overview of all things to consider - with a lot of practical tidbits

"Such a great intro course to get thinking and imagine yourself tinkering with the bees knees - whether as a hobby or just maybe starting a small beehive project. Laryssa's course is a solid overview over all aspects & things to consider- with a lot of practical tidbits and shared links worth checking out! Thank you, Laryssa!"

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