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Before you spend a dime on equipment or waste hundreds of dollars on bees... 

  • Let's learn about bees and how the hive works.
  • Let's talk about common obstacles and alternative solutions. No yard? Live in the city? No problem!
  • Finally, let's review what you'll need BEFORE the bees and the basics of what a beekeeper actually DOES.

So you know what to expect.

Introduction to beekeeping online class


Over 200 students have enrolled in our class just this year. Here are some reviews.

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Vivin C.

Highly recommend!

"Excellent Resource for a beginner! Packed with useful information. Simple and easy to follow. Shows real-life pictures and videos about the subject. Highly recommend."

< One of our students, Sandy, with a frame of honey!

>Holly M.

It set me up with a fantastic foundation

"I absolutely loved this course and it set me up with a fantastic foundation for bee keeping which I am now even more excited to do! Thank you so much for imparting your wisdom and for having such a lovely teaching manner!"

Nicholee, UK

I love the information given

"I love the information given so far, it's great and there's lots of it and it's given clearly in a straightforward way. Thank you. The advice given in this course is pretty sound, especially asking seriously, is beekeeping something one should truly consider."

Beekeeping Course Curriculum


The Basics of Bees & the Hive

THE HIVE - Learn the basics of a beehive, how honey & pollination work and the products you can harvest from the hive

THE WORKER BEE - An in-depth look at the worker bee, her role in the hive and how her role changes as she ages.

THE AMAZING QUEEN BEE - How a queen is made, what her role is in the hive and why there is just one.

A DRONE'S LIFE - The male honeybee's role is small, but important to the hive. We'll look at what he does all day and why he isn't around for long.

worker bees on a flower
Get ready to be amazed by bees. Not just an instructor talking or boring text, this lesson is full of beautiful videos of bees & the hive!

Setting Yourself Up for Success

EQUIPMENT & HIVE STYLES - I keep it simple - keep a Langstroth style hive your first year! I'll explain why. Learn the parts to a Langstroth style hive and how it works, your safety gear options & my recommendations for quality gear.

THE PERFECT LOCATION - Our guidelines for a great location that doesn't bother people and is best for the bees.

WHAT TO EXPECT - Here's a breakdown of costs involved and how much time you should expect to spend getting started & over the years with your bees.

SOLUTIONS TO COMMON OBSTACLES - No backyard? Do you have kids or pets? Can't lift heavy equipment? No problem! Here's ways to keep bees despite these problems.

DOWNLOADS - Download our location checklist and equipment checklist with a diagram of the hive so you know what the parts you have to buy look like.

smoker and stacks of hive bodies
Having the right set up is essential for avoiding issues when your bees arrive. By the end of this chapter, you'll be ready to buy bees!

The New Beekeeper

IDENTIFY WHAT'S INSIDE THE BEEHIVE - Learn how to spot the queen, worker and drone, know the difference between nectar & honey and know the age of a baby bee before it hatches!

BUYING & INSTALLING BEES - The different ways you can buy bees, my recommendation and how to install them into an empty hive.

INSPECTING A HIVE - 99% of the time I'm out with the bees, I follow this inspection sheet. We'll inspect a hive together and fill out the sheet. 

QUEEN SPOTTING TIPS & MORE - I explain the tasks a beekeeper does and how they change through the seasons, give you a queen spotting quiz and share extra tips on how to spot the queen every time.

bees keeping with honey
Knowing how to properly inspect a hive is a fundamental skill that will lay the foundation for every other task you will have to do as a beekeeper. 

Saving the Bees One Backyard at a Time


HOW TO HELP THE BEES AT HOME - Learn alternatives to spraying pesticides and herbicides in your garden, how to help solitary bees, educating others about bees and more!

PLANTING FOR POLLINATORS - A very important way you can help all pollinators is by planting food for them. Learn what will produce the maximum amount of food with the least effort, what flowers help the bees at their most vulnerable times and specific flowers you can plant this Spring and Summer.

worker bee and sunflower

Whether you keep bees or not, there are lots of ways you can help them thrive in your own yard!

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David, Connecticut

Very in depth!

"Was very in depth class and I learned a lot! I really enjoyed how interactive the class was. If you're thinking about beekeeping or want to know more I highly recommend!!"


Lots of good information and advise

"Course covers all the bases for a beginner. Lots of good information and advice; concise, clear and articulate presentation."

Jonathan S.

Clear communication

"Lovely videos and clear communication!"

Sue P.

LOVE the spot the queen tips & quiz

"Really good info!!! LOVE the "Spot the Queen" tips, and the quiz for practice."

Sue M.

Covers everything you would need to know

"Very interesting! The instructor is excellent and covers everything you would need to know to begin beekeeping. The recommended videos and documentaries are also a great addition and we have watched several. As we become more comfortable with our decision to jump into the world of beekeeping we appreciate the invitation to contact the instructor with our questions."

Sue P.

A solid overview of all things to consider - with a lot of practical tidbits

"Such a great intro course to get thinking and imagine yourself tinkering with the bees knees - whether as a hobby or just maybe starting a small beehive project. Laryssa's course is a solid overview over all aspects & things to consider- with a lot of practical tidbits and shared links worth checking out! Thank you, Laryssa!"

Here's what you get when you enroll in Is Beekeeping Right for You.

  • Forever access to the entire course. Start learning immediately from any device.
  • 2 hours of entertaining, instructional video lessons.
  • Someone to ask questions along the way.
  • Guides, Checklists & Quizzes - Equipment & Location checklist, Planting for Bees guide, Hive Inspection sheet and queen spotting & other fun quizzes.

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bee class return policy

Love it or your money back

Go through the course, follow the steps, put in the work, and if you don’t love it in the first 60 days of your purchase, send me an email and I’ll refund you immediately. 

Imagine 6 months from today...

You have your beekeeping equipment all set up and ready for the bees

You know how to inspect a hive and have someone to email when you aren't sure what to do.

You're excited to start a fun, crazy, new hobby.

You can do this. I’m proof that it is possible and I’m here to help you every step of the way.

Your beekeeper friend,


child pouring honey

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Is Beekeeping Right for You?

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Are you ready to be fascinated by bees!

  • The Hard-working Worker Bee
  • Amazing Queen Bee
  • The Drone's Sad Demise
  • Honey & Pollination
  • Equipment & Safety Gear
  • The Perfect Location
  • Setting Up for Success
  • Queen Spotting Like a Pro
  • Buying & Installing Bees Into Your Hive
  • How to Inspect a Hive
  • Identifying What's Inside
  • Saving the Bees
  • Downloads: Location Checklist, Equipment Checklist, Hive Inspection Sheet, My Favorite Bee Books, Movies & More
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