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how to sell honey wholesale

How to Sell Your Honey Wholesale to Stores

Feb 16, 2021

Here's some tips on how to sell your honey wholesale.

Tip#1 - Have a nice product sheet with everything on it. Below is the first page of our product sheet. We have a different page for each honey varietal. After the products, we have a page for our certifications, insurance and licenses.

Tip #2 - Send a SHORT email with your product sheet asking if you can drop off a sample. Do not talk about yourself and why your company is amazing. Keep it short and end it with a question. 

Tip #3 - Have nice product shots.

Tip #4 - Follow-up! Once you get an account, continue to call or email and see if they need more. Don't wait for them to call you. If you dropped off a sample and you haven't heard back, follow-up at least twice before giving up.

Tip #5 - Start with the small health food stores.

Once you've contacts all of the local food stores, additional places to contact are bakeries, cafes, food markets, delis, people with a table at the farmer's market, and artisanal food & kitchen stores.

Sample page from our product sheet.

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