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The Role of the Worker Bee

The average honey beehive has 30,000-60,000 bees inside. There is usually only one queen, no matter how many bees there are. During the warm weather months, 1-2% of the population are drones, what we can the male bees. The rest are worker bees. They are all female. They are all sisters of each other and daughters of the queen.


Jobs of the Worker Bee

 So let’s get into the job of the worker bee

Clean Up Crew

When a worker bee hatches, her first job is to clean out the cell she hatched from. In these first few days of life, she will stay in the hive and take on the role of housekeeper cleaning the cells so they are ready for the queen to lay an egg inside to to be filled with nectar or pollen. Additionally, they will clean the rest of the hive which includes carrying out bees who died in the hive and unwanted debris.

Nurse Bee

After the role of housekeep has ended, the bee will go on to become a nurse bee. Nurse bees tend to their “baby sisters” by...

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The Amazing Queen Bee

Did you know that the queen bee can live up to seven years?

Most people think she is the ruler of the hive, but she is just the mother of all the bees. 

Here’s some interesting facts about the queen bee.

In a hive of 30,000-60,000 bees, there is usually only one queen bee.

The queen is the mother of all the bees in the hive. However, she is not the decision maker. The worker bees, collectively, make most of the decisions for the hive.

The queen leaves the hive only once in her life by herself. When she is a few days old, she leaves the hive to mate. She will mate with up to 50 males in that one or two day mating period. She will never mate again. She stores the sperm in a sac in her body and uses it for the rest of her life to fertilize eggs.

A queen can lay up to 2,000 eggs a day.

Her lifespan is on average 3-5 years. The oldest recorded queen bee was 7. The average lifespan for a worker bee is 6-8 weeks.

The queen bee’s primary diet is royal jelly. She is fed...

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