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How to Use Bitter Almond Oil to get Bees Out of a Super (Without Needing a Fume Board)

There are lots of tricks the beekeeper has to saving time. This is one of my favorites. When I worked for an apiary with 4,000 hives, it was run by just 7 beekeepers. A trick I learned from them is to use bitter almond oil to get bees out of a honey super so you can harvest the honey. 

When using bitter almond oil to clear out a super, it's recommended that you use a fume board or breeze board to disperse the scent throughout the hive. However, I really hate buying equipment that I will only use once in awhile, nor do I have the room to store all of this stuff, so I try to use what I have laying around whenever possible. This makes for some "interesting" beekeeping on my part, but, hey, I find it fun :) 


In the YouTube video above, I show you my experience using bitter almond oil without a fume board or breeze board. First I try using a smoker to billow the scent into the super. This is recommended on Fischer's instructions as an...

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Harvesting from the Flow Hive Using a Long Tube & Other Tips

When you watch the Flow Hive video, everything looks perfect. The honey flows right into the jar. No bees fly into the honey. The honey doesn't go too fast or too slow. It looks magical. But then you do it and things don't go as smoothly.

I harvested from the flow hive this Summer and had some issues. Now if your hive is small, like in the flow videos, and is just one brood box with one honey super on top, you might not need this tutorial. But if you live somewhere cold and you need more than one super on your beehive or your hive is FULL like ours and bursting with bees, I hope you watch our video. I'm going to show you how to use a long tube when harvesting from the flow hive so that you don't have to stand there and wait for the honey to pour into jars. 


Flow Hive Harvest Tip #1 - Use a long tube and connect it to a 2.5 or 5 gallon bucket. Don't use individual jars unless you're opening just 1 frame. 

Attach a 1-3/8" tube to the tube that comes with the flow...

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