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My Top Small Hive Beetle Traps & How to Use Them

The small hive beetle is a pest found within the beehive. It is not as destructive as the varroa mite, but is something the beekeeper should be aware of. The most important thing the beekeeper can do to prevent an infestation is keep varroa mite levels low. A strong hive with few mites can defend themselves against beetles. This is not just my opinion, but something I learned from working at a commercial apiary with 4,000 hives. They lost over 75% of their hives to the small hive beetle and now hardly ever lose a hive to beetles. The only thing they do differently is treat for mites.

It is ok to see a few beetles scurrying around your hive. You should only be alarmed if you see a lot of beetles in the hive (not just under the lid but on the frames) especially walking around the comb in the center of the hive. However, most beekeepers hate seeing these guys in the hive and want to trap as many as they can, whether it's necessary or not. If you live somewhere with a cold...

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