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How to Make a Bee Hotel

A lot of articles and news stories talk about the collapse of the honey bee population and how important it is to help them, but really, it’s all pollinators that need our help. 

There are over 19,000 different kinds of bees and 30% of them live in a tunnel or cavity. You can help these tunnel-nesting pollinators out by providing a place for them to call home. I'm not sure where the name came from, but kids these days are calling it a bee hotel. 

Making a bee hotel is a fancy way of saying you're collecting hollow tubes, putting them somewhere and leaving them alone all Spring and Summer. Some tunnel-nesting bees that might visit your hotel are leaf cutters, mason bees, yellow-faced bees and carpenter bees. However, leaf cutters and mason bees are the most common bees you will see at your "hotel".


Steps to making a bee hotel


A bee hotel is a fun way to say you’re gathering things with holes in them and leaving them alone. However, there are...

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The Most Beautiful and Possibly the Least Affective Pollinator, The Butterfly

Butterflies! You've seen these beautiful creatures flying around and maybe even tried to catch one as a kid, but how much do you really know about them? Unlike honey bees, they're not great pollinators and they don't produce a delicious food for us to eat. None the less, images of butterflies are everywhere - on cards, notebooks, mugs. They add beauty to the world and are a source of food for many animals.

I interviewed Jessica McAtee, a butterfly expert on my podcast, The Buzz About Bees so we could all learn about these fascinating creatures and how we can turn our yard into a butterfly garden. Listen below or on any app that streams podcast.


The life of a butterfly

Just like bees, butterflies go through four life stages - egg, larvae, pupae, adult insect. When they hatch, their goal is to mate. The male's job is to find the female. Once they have successfully mated, the female butterfly looks for a host plant to lay her eggs on....

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