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What to do with old, dark comb

When bees secrete beeswax, it's white. As bees walk over the comb and fill it up with nectar and pollen, the wax turns various shades of orange and yellow. I can always tell the difference between my Spring and Summer honey because the Summer honey is bright yellow and so is the comb. It's almost neon, it's so bright. As the comb is in the hive even longer and especially in the brood section, then wax turns brown. This is mostly from propolis. Propolis is plant sap and super sticky and usually various shades of dark brown or a reddish brown. It stains not only wax but also clothing. It's why my white bee suit has brown stains all over it.

Why you want to remove old, dark comb from the hive

It's good practice to take out frames of comb that are a very dark brown because these frames are older and can harbor diseases. A good time to do this is in the Fall before you close up the hive for Winter or in the early Spring when the queen has just started...

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